Dr. Jafari may use an intraoral camera to examine your teeth and mouth. This small imaging device quickly and comfortably captures pictures of the inside of your mouth, reaching areas that our dentist and team cannot otherwise see to ensure you receive an accurate diagnosis. Call Inova Dental Clinic at 703-433-1400 to make an appointment and learn more about intraoral cameras in Sterling, Virginia.

An intraoral camera serves as a valuable tool in dentistry, enabling a close examination of various aspects of your smile. This compact, pen-shaped device captures high-quality, colored images of the teeth, gums and other oral structures, providing a level of detail not easily achievable with the naked eye. Its small size and flexibility allow our dentist and team to access angles and regions within your mouth that would otherwise remain obscured. This enhanced visualization aids in the assessment of oral health and facilitates the diagnosis of dental issues such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, and tooth damage like cracking or chipping.

Intraoral cameras are also beneficial in post-treatment follow-ups, as it allows our dentist to monitor the progress and outcomes of dental procedures. The images captured serve not only as a useful reference for our team but also as a means of empowering you with a deeper understanding of your oral health and proposed treatments. By being able to view these images, you gain insights into your dental condition, making it easier to comprehend the need for specific interventions and the potential benefits.

Additionally, the intraoral camera enables seamless communication between dental professionals. Our dentist can share the captured images with other specialists or dental colleagues, seeking expert opinions or coordinating multi-disciplinary treatments. The images can also be submitted to dental insurance companies as supporting documentation for treatment plans, facilitating the insurance claims process.

If you have any questions about intraoral cameras or want to set up an appointment with our dentist and team, contact our office today!