Our dentist may recommend a dental filling if your tooth has developed a cavity or sustained other minor damage. Here at Inova Dental Clinic, we use only composite, or tooth-colored, fillings to give you the most aesthetic final result possible. Call Inova Dental Clinic today at 703-433-1400 to make an appointment with Dr. Jafari and learn more about tooth-colored dental fillings in Sterling, Virginia.

Traditionally, dental amalgam made from silver has been the go-to choice for fillings. However, at our dental clinic, we exclusively utilize composite fillings, also known as tooth-colored fillings. Our esteemed dentist and dedicated team have opted for composite materials owing to their ability to deliver a more authentic appearance and foster superior, long-lasting oral wellbeing. Composite fillings offer a host of advantages, including:

  • A bonding capability with your tooth that enhances the overall structural strength.
  • Diminished likelihood of future fractures or breaks in the treated tooth.
  • Insulation against temperature shifts caused by consumption of foods and beverages.
  • Enhanced sealing around the perimeters of the affected area, bolstering the tooth’s resistance to decay and leaks.
  • Capability to address cavities of smaller dimensions that traditional amalgam fillings may not be suitable for.
  • Repair and replacement of fillings without necessitating their complete removal.
  • Utilization of non-mercury and non-metallic components, thus heightening the safety of the filling.

When you receive a composite dental filling, our dentist will meticulously select a filling shade that harmonizes with your natural tooth color, giving you a more aesthetically pleasing and healthy-looking smile. Typically, fillings can be placed within a single appointment. Our dentist will first clean the tooth to remove all decay and prepare it to receive the filling. The filling material will then be placed and shaped to fit the contours of the tooth before being hardened to complete your treatment and provide a lasting restoration.

To learn more about the merits of composite dental fillings and to arrange an appointment with our skilled dentist, we invite you to get in touch with our practice today.