Our experienced dentist may recommend dental sealants to protect your smile from cavities. Sealants are a highly effective option for maintaining your oral health, offering long-term protection so that you can continue to enjoy your smile. To make an appointment with Dr. Jafari and find out more about dental sealants in Sterling, Virginia, call Inova Dental Clinic today at 703-433-1400.

A dental sealant is a proactive approach to oral care that our skilled dentist may suggest in order to safeguard your teeth against potential decay. This method involves using a clear or tooth-colored resin material that is skillfully applied onto the chewing surfaces of your teeth. By creating a barrier against harmful bacteria and food particles that are notorious for causing tooth decay, the sealant acts as a protective shield, effectively fending off cavities.

The dental sealant forms a seamless layer over the natural contours of your teeth, including the crevices and recesses where decay often takes hold. Beyond its preventive prowess, the sealant’s smooth surface makes your regular brushing sessions more productive, as it promotes better plaque removal.

While children tend to benefit most from dental sealants, they are available for patients of all ages and are particularly recommended for use on permanent molars. These molars typically emerge between the ages of six and 12. Sealants are usually applied as soon as the permanent molars come in but can also be provided or reapplied for teenagers and adults with a history of decay or teeth susceptible to it. Our expert team can apply your sealants in a brief and comfortable appointment at our practice (often as part of your regular dental cleanings and exams) to fortify your dental defenses.

Discover the potential of dental sealants in not only shielding your smile but also in enhancing its longevity. We invite you to get in touch or visit our office today to learn more and schedule an appointment with our dentist. Your radiant smile deserves nothing less than the best protection!